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At Southern Retrievers our main goal is to breed well rounded valued members of the family that are great companions in the field as well as being able to live an active lifestyle in the home. We try to accomplish this by breeding only to dogs with OFA Excellent or Good hips and test for all known traits. We also breed for intelligence, trainability, physical soundness, natural marking ability as well a dog with a great all around attitude. When the puppies are born they receive neurological stimulation and later are introduced to environmental stimulus as they mature. We do all this so that the puppies will grow into dogs that enjoy working as well as being stable and enjoyable members of the family that will live long, healthy lives.


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He is stable/happy dog - calm and well behaved in public - is comfortable around planes and trains - CC-FF- good marker - running mediocre water blinds - decent 300 yrd cold land blinds w/minimal factors